Flyers have been used for decades with great success to help businesses promote their products and services. It is not just club promoters who use flyer marketing, large and small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, and politicians also use flyers for marketing. You might wonder, is the flyer marketing still working today? I would say yes because of these reasons.

(1) Budget-friendly

Flyers do not require a huge amount of cost to be printed. Within the same budget, you can option for higher quality flyers for which you would have to use digital or offset printing. You can even add a layer of lamination to enhance the durability of the flyers. Flyers are usually printed in a bulk, which could also ensure that you can advertise without spending too much for a long period.

(2)  Physical piece of business

Flyers are solid marketing materials that can be touched and felt. It gives your customer something physical rather than just watching an ad online, they will have a piece of your brand to remember by. When handing out flyers, your potential customers’ attention will be demanded. Even if they don’t need the product you offer at the moment, your brand will still have the exposure it needs.

(3) Reach out better to your customers

As people grew tired of countless advertisements on the internet, flyers advertisements are much more effective due to its physical presence. Most customers will prefer to see a personal letter rather than a number of emails. Your customers are also more likely to hold onto a flyer and contact you in the future. You can even reach out to customers who aren’t internet savvy too!

(4) Essential for events

A flyer will be mandatory to get the message across easier during events. When you open a new store, you can distribute flyers in your area, to tell the people nearby about your opening. Or whenever you are at an event, when people pass by your booth, the flyer will be the reference point for your customers when your sales person is explaining to them, in order to let them understand your brand better. It can also be distributed before the event to attract people to attend.

(5) Free for creativity

Most flyers tend to be in A5 or A4 size, which you will have extra space to design your flyers. Flyers are also easy to design, as there is not much restriction and there are millions of templates and softwares that could assist in designing your flyer. Moreover, you could even include a tearable voucher, so there is a higher chance that your customers will keep the flyer into their bag for future usage.


Despite the rise of digital marketing, flyer marketing is still competitive as an advertising medium. With these simple, lightweight and cost effective items, flyers are still a good idea for marketing campaigns. If you are looking to promote your business and grab the attention of your potential customers, you can consider a flyer marketing campaign.